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Introduction to Warehouse Management and Warehouse functions

  • Introduction to Warehousing
  • Warehouse Management in SAP R/3
  • Warehouse Structure
  • Storage Type, Storage structure, Storage sections, Storage bins, Quant 

Stock Management

  • WM data in Material master
  • Types of warehouse stock
  • Batch management in Warehouse Management
  • Shelf life functionality                      

Warehouse Movements

  • WM movement types
  • Transfer requirements
  • Transfer Orders

Goods receipt

  • Goods receipt with Inbound Delivery
  • Goods receipt without inbound delivery
  • Goods receipt without Inventory Management       

Goods issues

  • Goods issue with Outbound delivery
  • Goods issue without Outbound delivery
  • Multiple processing 
  • Picking and packing           

Stock replenishment

  • Internal stock Transfers
  • Fixed bin replenishment
  • Posting changes  

Picking strategies 

  • Storage type indicator
  • Storage type search
  • FIFO (First in first out)
  • LIFO (Last in first out)
  • Fixed storage bin
  • Shelf life expiration   

Put away strategies

  • Fixed bin storage
  • Open storage
  • Next empty bin
  • Bulk storage

Inventory procedures

  • Annual physical inventory
  • Continuous Inventory
  • Cycle counting
  • Zero stock check

Storage unit management

  • Introduction
  • Storage unit record
  • Planning of storage units
  • Put away with storage unit management
  • Picking with storage unit management