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SAP GTS Overview

  • What is SAP GTS
  • Advantages of SAP GTS
  • Modules in SAP GTS

SAP GTS vs SD Foreign Trade

  • What is SD FT
  • Advantages of GTS over SD FT

Organizational Structure in SAP GTS

SAP ECC to GTS system connections

  • Creating logical systems
  • Assigning LS
  • Creating RFC connections
  • Setup remote functional to feeder to GTS system

General settings

  • Number Ranges
  • Legal Regulations
  • Partner Structure

Compliance management

  • Customs document type and Customs Item category
  • Partner Functions and Partner Function Groups
  • Sanction Party list screening
  • Master Data in SPL Screening
  • SPL Screening Scenarios (A1,A2,B1,B2,C1,C2,S1,S2,S3)
  • SPL Screening with Logistics
  • Embargo Check
  • Releasing Blocked Documents
  • Report for Business Partner Embargo Situation
  • Legal Regulation: Country of Departure or Destination
  • License Determination for Import/Export Control
  • License determination strategy

Customs Management

  • Product Classification for Exports and Imports
  • Tariff/Commodity code maintenance
  • Manual creation Customs declarations
  • Customs processing
  • Document Printing and Communication
  • Customs Export Declarations
  • Customs Import Declarations
  • Post processing Customs Declarations
  • Monitoring for Customs Processing
  • Output Monitoring for Messages
  • Message Determination
  • Customs Document Printing
  • Transit procedure service
  • Opening the Transit Procedure
  • Discharging Transit Procedures
  • Safekeeping
  • Monitoring for Transit/Presentation

Risk Management

  • SAP Risk Management -Preference Processing
  • Master Data for Preference Processing
  • Management of Vendor-Based Long-Term Vendor Declarations
  • Preference Determination
  • SAP Risk Management -Letter of Credit Processing
  • Master Data for Letter of Credit Processing
  • Letter of Credit -Export Process
  • Letter of Credit - Import
  • Monitoring in Letter of Credit Processing
  • SAP Risk Management
  • Master Data for Restitution
  • Restitution Process
  • Restitution Integration in Customs Declarations
  • Restitution Calculation

ECR (Electronic Compliance Reporting)

  • Maintaining Providers of Information
  • Entering Default Values for Imports from Worklists
  • Commodity Codes for Products in Intrastat Declarations
  • Editing Intrastat Declarations

User Exists BADIs in SAP GTS

Preparation of functional specification document

Interview questions

Resume Preparation