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Overview of Enterprise Performance Management

  • EPM Solutions and the Software tools
  • Introduction to Concepts in Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Consolidation
  • Introduction to Scenario Based Planning

Overview of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

  • SAP BPC: Business User-Owned and managed
  • Unified Planning and Consolidation
  • SAP BPC for Net weaver Architecture
  • Introduction to SAP Net weaver BW Objects
  • Introduction to SAP BPC Objects

Designing a Model with SAP BPC

  • Case Study
  • Designing the Data Model in SAP Net weaver BW

Building the Model in SAP BPC

  • Environment Management
  • Dimension Management
  • Designing Models
  • Designing Security Model
  • Consulting Issues

Loading, Scheduling and Managing Data in SAP BPC

Loading Data from Source system to cube in SAP Net weaver BW

Loading Data from SAP Net weaver BW to SAP BPC

  • Creation of Transformation and Conversion File
  • Data Manager packages
  • Process Chains
  • Loading Master data from flat file into a dimension
  • Loading Master data from Info Object into a dimension
  • Loading Hierarchy from an Info Object into BPC dimension
  • Loading transaction Data from an Info cube into SAP BPC Model
  • Copying Data inside BPC Model
  • Consulting Issues

Reporting, Planning and Analysis in SAP BPC

Reporting and Analysis in SAP BPC

  • Introduction to SAP EPM Add-In interface for Excel
  • Creating Reports
  • Developing reports using dynamic templates
  • Developing reports using dynamic templates
  • Developing reports using EPM Functions
  • Developing reports using EPM Retrieve Data Functions
  • Developing Rolling Forecast report
  • Developing Customized reports
  • Quick Links
  • Migration of EVDRE reports
  • Developing reports using the new API for EPM
  • Developing reports using SAP BPC web Client
  • Planning in SAP BPC using Input Forms
  • Standard templates for input forms
  • Developing an Input Form
  • Using EPM Save data function to save the Data
  • Drill-Through Feature
  • Integration with SAP BO Dashboard
  • Consulting Issues

Developing Business Logic in SAP BPC

  • Dimension Logic
  • Logic Scripts
  • Business Rules
  • Consulting Issues

Introduction to Business Functions

  • Currency Translations
  • Allocations
  • Using Badu’s to code logic
  • Validations
  • Controls
  • Consulting Issues

Process Management and Collaboration

  • Work Status
  • Comments
  • Distribution and Collection
  • Book Publishing
  • Integrating SAP BPC Data into Word and PowerPoint
  • Consulting Issues

Essential Tools for Building Models

  • Transporting SAP BPC objects
  • Concurrency Locking
  • Administration Parameters
  • Statistics
  • Audit
  • Documents
  • Journals
  • Consulting Issues

Business Process flow and Enhancements

  • Business Process flow
  • New Features for SAP Net weaver
  • Consulting Issues