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  • Over view of the Data services
  • Data services benefits, associated products, interfaces
  • Data services Architecture on single and distributed environment.

BODS Designer concepts:

  • Creating the repository (Local, Central repository)
  • Exploring the menu options in the designer
  • Creating the project, Job flow, Data flow, Work flows etc.,
  • Defining different types of Data stores (Source and destination data stores)
  • Use data store and system configurations
  • Defining file formats for flat, Excel, XML files

Batch Jobs

  • Creating Batch Jobs
  • Work with objects
  • Create a data flow
  • Adding the Query transform to the data flow
  • Use target tables
  • Execute the job

Defining Data Integrator Transforms

  • Defining Data Integrator Transforms
  • Various Transforms and its implementation

Defining Data Platform Transforms

  • Defining Data Platform Transforms
  • Various Transforms and its implementation

Defining Data Quality Transforms

  • Address Cleanse
  • Data Cleanse
  • Geocoder

Implementation of SCD

  • SCD Type0
  • SCD Type1
  • SCD Type2

Using Functions, Scripts, and Variables

  • Define built-in functions
  • Use functions in expressions
  • Use the lookup function
  • Use variables and parameters
  • Use Data Services scripting language

Data assessment

  • Using the data profiler
  • Using the validation transform

Setting up Error Handling

  • Set up recoverable work flows
  • Try/Catch Techniques

IF Conditional While-Loop Implementation Capturing Changes in Data

  • Update data over time
  • Use source-based CDC
  • Use target-based CDC

SAP Integration

  • Data extraction from ECC system to File, Table and SAP BI
  • Data extraction from ECC Extractors
  • Data Extraction from SAP BW
  • ABAP Workflows