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Introduction to ERP.

  • Introduction to SAP R/3

SAP R/3 Architecture and Implementation.

  • Central System
  • Distributed Presentation
  • 2-Tier Configuration
  • 3-Tier Configuration

3) Overview of R/3 System Landscape and Flow .

  • Single System Landscape
  • Two System Landscape
  • Three System Landscape
  • Multi System Landscape

Installation of SAP (4.6C,4.7EE,ECC5 and ECC6 on PRODUCTION Release)   

  • Installation Concepts on Windows
  • Naming Convention, Software kit, SAP licensing

5) System Profile Maintenance & Parameter setting

  • System Profile

  Default Profile Start Profile Instance Profile

  • Transport Profile
  • Client Profile
  • Authorization Profile

 6) Operation Modes

  • Define an Operation Mode
  • Day and Night Operations
  • Manual Switching of OP Modes
  • Exceptional Mode
  • Monitoring

8) User Administration (Authorization)

  • Create,Maintain and Compare user Master records.
  • Logon and Password Security, Protecting Special users
  • Create and Maintain Single, Mass users and user 


  • Copying, Deleting, locking/unlock users
  • Explanation of terms Object Class, Authorization Object,   
  • Authorization,Role and Profile.
  •   Create/Editing/Maintain Authorizations/Profiles     

     Create/ Maintain Roles/ generate profiles by using PFCG

  • Create single and Composite Roles,profiles inner roles,Chang and assign roles
  • Derive and compare roles
  • Transport and distribute roles
  • Upload and download Roles
  • Mass Generation of profiles
  • Insert Missing Authorizations
  • SU24,SU25,SU56,ST01

9) Client Administration

  • Client Maintenance
  • Copy Client within R/3 system (local)
  • Copying Client between R/3 Systems (Remote)
  • Export/import (Client Transport)
  • Protect Client
  • Monitor and verify a Client Copy,check Client Copy Logs
  • Delete Client
  • Tips and Troubleshooting

10) Transport Management System

  • TMS Terminology and Concepts
  • Configure TMS & Check Transport Directory
  • Configure Transport Domain, Domain controller & Group
  • Configure Virtual SAP System & Display Configuration
  • Include SAP Systems in the Transport Domain
  • Create Consolidation and Delivery routes
  • Setup Backup Domain Controller
  • Lockand unlock TMS for a SAP system
  •   Delete SAP System from the Transport Domain
  • Delete TMS Configuration

11) Change and Transport system

  • Release and Transport Change request and tasks
  • Customizing, Workbench, Transport organizer
  • Import Change requests

12)Spool Administration

  • Print related terminology in OS/SAP level
  • Setting Local, Remote and Front-end Printing
  • Logical and Real Spool Server
  • Manage spool requests using Output Controller
  • Connect output devices to window system
  • SAPLPD, TemSE, Authorization

13) Patch and kernel Administration:

  • Check the Patch, Spam, Kernel Levels
  • Download Patches, Kernel
  • Apply at OS level, SAPNET, front-end
  • Troubleshooting various issues

14) CCMS

  • Introduction to CCMS
  • CCMS monitors
  • Alert monitors
  • Analyzing alerts and performance tuning

15) Background processing

  • Background and Dialog concept
  • Defining jobs
  • Analyzing jobs
  • Maintenance Jobs

16) Distributed R/3 System

  • Create regular(Dialog) instance
  • Create log on groups for load balancing

18) SAP Router

  • Installation of sap router
  • Creating Route permission table
  • Setting route string entry for sap router
  • Using various administrative options

19) Data Base Management

  • Introduction to Oracle
  • Oracle architecture
  • Introduction to SAPDBA and BRTOOLS
    • Create tables and Table space adjustment
  • Database Backup, Restore.

20) Performance Tuning

  • OS, H/W Performance Considerations
  • Memory, Management
  • R/3 Buffers, Page Buffers, Extended and Heap Memory,

                      PRIV Mode.

21) System Monitoring

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly tasks

22) SAP Implimentation STRATEGY

23) System copy


  • WAS Architecture.
  • NW Introduction and Overview.
  • EP7.0, EP7.3 Installation & Post Installation.
  • BW Installation AND Architecture.
  • XI3.0, PI 7.0 &PI 7.1 Installation @Post Installation.
  • Java Parameter Settings and Java Cluster.
  • Adding Server Process and Threads.
  • User Administration and Security.
  • JCO and RFC  Configuration.
  • Content Object Transportation.
  • Content Administration (Iview,page,workest,role)
  • Patch Admin (SDM,JSPM)
  • Connectivity Between R/3 TO EP,  R/3 to BW
  • Single Sign on(UID,PWD)
  • Monitoring.
  • Introduction About SLD and Configuration.